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Drinking Pure Alkaline Water

Water is important for our bodies to help regulate our systems on a certain ph level, but tap water or bottled water is not good enough. Tap water because of if contaminates. And bottled water because it is acidic. Reverse osmosis water purifiers will produce alkaline water that reaches a high alkaline level on a scale from 7 to 14.

Of course, hopefully, everyone knows that our bodies need water to keep our system working properly. Our bodies are, made up of 70% water, Brain 76%, lungs 90%, blood 82%, and bones 25%.

When we drink water, it uses to be that, normally, you were able to get a glass and pour tap water in it or in a container to drink. I found out that the city has been recycling sewer water and only treat it with chlorine and other chemicals. This made me furious. All this while people have been drinking tap water that is nothing but recycled sewer garbage water. That being said.

Tap water contains more than a hundred contaminants in it for that same reason. The water comes from human and animal waste, known as  Sewage water! And all of these contaminants will cause you to get cancer, amongst other diseases. Arsenic and lots of metals.

Even though this water is considered drinkable to them, but not to me. That’s why it’s best to invest in a Reverse osmosis filtration system. It is not good to drink water from your faucet. This water contains all sorts of chemicals and viruses that come with diseases as well. Let me enlighten you with a few contaminants.

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To name a few

Chlorine, Magnesium, Copper, Aluminum, Arsenic, Zinc, Calcium but not the kind you find in a banana. And the list goes on. Diseases are. Hepatitis C. Gastrointestinal gas, Diarrhea, Anemia, Increase cancer risk, Bone disease, Cryptosporidiosis, E-coli which does come from sewage, and the list goes on. There are over a hundred contaminants in our tap water today. And this is why our tap water is not safe to drink. Nor is bottled water safe to drink because it is acidic and acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow in.


Isn’t that awful?

That water then is being redirected into our city pipelines. Could you imagine how much calcium and magnesium build-up is in our pipes? Well here is an example below. These pipelines are, probably a hundred or more years old by the looks of it. They wait till something goes wrong to replace it only when they clog up like this. Like sewage overflows in the streets of manholes. 

and this is the result at home.


BPA and plastic

BPA is a chemical compound that is, made with plastic to make it firmer and hardened. The FDA had considered it safe because it is supposed to be heat resistant. But recent studies show that a certain high temperature can make it leak into your water or drink. All plastic bottles are coated inside with BPA. Soda’s, can food, have the same BPA in it for the protective layer they say is heat resistant, but is not. So make sure to keep your can food and plastic containers in a cool storage area.

The BPA is supposed to be a protective film inside the bottle. CNN newscast had already said it is not a good idea to leave your bottle of water in a hot car. More studies show that BPA has been, tested in recent research and has been, proven, that it will cause cancer.

Now here is an example of what grocery stores do when they get overstocked with some products like water.

These bottles of so-called pure water. Have been, contaminated standing out there in front of the store. And the BPA has leached into the water. Can you imagine what happens when they are in a hot 18-wheeler shipping from state to state? The hours it takes to get somewhere.

And if it is in the summer heat, that is not good as you know now that the BPA already leaked into the water before it got to the destination.

That’s right. They are, contaminated even before they get to the store. And that is a shame they can’t haul them in refrigerated trucks instead. Why because they are cheap to buy the equipment to keep our water fresh and safe to drink.



Acidic Water

Acidic water is acidic and will multiply those acids already in your body. Which will be housing for cancer cells to grow in. Here below is a chemical test I did on a bottle of water.

No need to say the name of the company it speaks for itself on the label. The Solution to the problem. Alkaline water is high on a ph. level on a scale from 7 to 14.

The chemical test was done on alkaline water that always turns blue or purple because it is high on ph. level again from 7 to 14. Turning your tap water into alkaline water is the best way to purify your water with a reverse osmosis purification system. When I did a chemical test on bottled water it turns yellow because yellow is a sign that it’s acidic. The next picture beside it is alkaline water and it turns either blue or purple depending on its alkalinity.

Sink reverse osmosis systems are easy to install. You don’t need an expert to do it. It comes with easy step by step instructions. When I got my first water purifier. After 2 weeks my bowels started to loosen and were not constipated like I use to be. And my stomach no longer in pain. Yes, it can also get rid of parasites that sometimes the cause of stomach and intestinal pain.

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My health started to climb up and felt more energetic. Not only does Alkaline pure water flushes out your entire systems and kidneys. It also kills any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in.


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10 thoughts on “Ro System Water Purifiers

  1. You are very right about all the disadvantages of making use of a water purifier and i must say that it is all very true. The acidic water and all the harmful minerals in the water are all a problem. I didn’t know about the chemical used to make plastic bottles though and how they can be a bit of a problem. That’s very good that you can inform me about that. Thank you!

  2. I have been drinking water that comes in that type of plastic bottles because I know even with boiling the tape water and drinking it you still does not get the benefits of drinking water because you kill the bacteria and you loss some of the menials. 

    But even with that bottled water I was always worried about the way of storing the water and even as you mentioned transporting it. Because I know this plastic bottles are precancerous.

    I will try to get that osmosis system and to use it at home for sometimes. but I’m worried also about the maintenance of the system. please advice which one is the best to get? 

    1. The maintenance of the systems is easy. It only requires you to replace the filters and it comes with instructions on how to install it under your sink. I recomend the 5 stage systems if you are on a low budget. But if you want the best I also sell the 11 reverse osmosis systems for as little as 300 or so. I use to work for Westinghouse and the under the sink systems they have are only the 4 stages and still won’t produce the premium water that a 5 stage will cost 2500 dollars if you finance. So this is why I started my own business so that I can help people get better and cheaper systems for them to have.

  3. I am not a person to get tired of learning how to get healthy and that is why your post is very very enjoyable for me. I like the fact that you can state all these facts because not so many people know about the downside of making use of water that is not purified and also water that has been left in a plastic bottle for a long time in heat conditions or in .direct sunlight. I would love to know though if the ro system purifiers has any links with water filters.

    1. Well, John, water filters come in different sizes. You got those who people buy to just screw on your faucet but that won’t exactly get rid of the contaminants. In other words, filters only trap some metals but not contaminants. Reverse osmosis runs you through 5, 6 or 11 processing filters where the water goes through not only filtering but sand filters till it arrives at the last stage to produce alkaline water. 

  4. I remember 50 years ago when tap water actually tasted clean and good. I remember my dad saying that the water in this area of the country was among the best. Then when I was in my late teens the taste wasn’t as good or clean and we started filtering our water that came out of the tap. By the time I was in my early twenties, bottled water was the new craze. But now the BPA problem, which should have been addressed early on, is making bottled water questionable.

    It amazes me how water, a readily available and an important liquid for our survival, is now being sold for profit. What’s next, the air we breathe? Drinking bottled water needs to be safer but until that happens I fully agree that filtration systems like reverse osmosis, especially the type you can hook up to your sink, is the best way to avoid the dangers of both tap and bottled water. This post has helped me to decide on getting one.

  5. This was very educational on the water system and bottled water. It makes it hard to trust any water to drink. I feel the water purifiers are mainly our only option and there are so many.  Thank you for educating me and others on a health hazard that is everywhere. 

    Wishing you the best


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