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Generally, I blog about water purification and the dangers of drinking tap water. Because our tap water has over a hundred contaminants. And thus can and will give you cancer. Bottled water will also give you cancer because it is acidic. And acidic cells attract cancer cells that will grow.


In addition, many secrets have been kept from us for a very long time now. Thus, it is all leaking out through whistle-blowers from gov. officials. Learn why the president, gov. officials, famous artists, actors, and musicians. Go to a private VIP camp at the Bohemian Grove to worship a thirty-foot owl. Performing human dummy sacrifices. Tell me what kind of religion is this? Thus, it also has been discovered that the Masons are involved with the Illuminati.


Therefore, could it be that they are also doing human sacrifices? Like the Illuminati since they joined with them? As you all know or if not. The Illuminati use to burn their children for their God. 


Henceforth, find out why they are also claiming to be the offspring of Jesus Christ. And why they had Leonardo da Vinci used geometric paintings to hide their secrets. Mary Magdalene has also been confused with the mother of Jesus. But in reality, they said she was Jesus’s wife in one of the Paintings discovered. Plus, it also shows hidden within the last supper painting. That the original painting was her holding Jesus’s hand. But it was erased from her just sitting next to him.



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