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Our bodies are made up of 70% water, 90% lungs, 82% heart, and 25% bone.

And this is why we must drink plenty of water. And when you drink alkaline water it will not only flush out your entire system and kidneys.

But will also kill any acidic cells in your body that are housing for cancer cells to grow. Thus, improving your overall condition within the first week.



Tap water is also called hard water because it contains more than a hundred contaminants. Thus, several toxins with all kinds of bacterial diseases. To name a few they are.







lead, aluminum, mercury, fluoride, arsenic, and the list goes on. These minerals are not organic and are dangerous to your health.

They are inorganic like iron, zinc, or calcium but not the kind you would get in a banana or milk.


All these contaminants are dangerous to your health. Groundwater needs testing.

Because farming and agriculture use pesticides and herbicides. So, thus the groundwater got contaminated.




When does the city replace underground pipes? In most countries, there is a city ordinance of a 10-year replacement.

By the looks of the picture below. Underground pipes are getting replaced.

Because they are either corroded or clogged up with calcium and magnesium. These are a hundred years old or more.

 This is why it is important not to drink water from the faucet. When you invest in a reverse osmosis water purifier. It will not only flush your system but your kidneys as well. Furthermore, it will also remove all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow.

They are replacing it because of so much calcium buildup. The calcium and magnesium clogged up the pipe and made the manholes overflow.

As you can see, they wait until something goes wrong before they replace it. In this case, of course, It created an overflow of sewage to the surface of the city streets.

It is not safe to drink tap water, without getting it filtered by a reverse osmosis system.

If you look inside your pipes, you will see the same type of build-up around the inside walls. Especially if they are made of iron or galvanized.



The FDA approved the chemical compound called BPA. But now recent research and studies have found it to be cancerous. CNN also announced this on its news. It is not a good idea to leave your bottle of water in a hot car.

Drinking water from a plastic bottle after being in a hot car will give you cancer. Because the BPA will leach into your water, thus contaminating it.




(BPA), is a chemical compound that is used to make polycarbonate plastic. epoxy and resins.  It possesses a balance of toughness and supposes to be heat resistant.


Because of these attributes, it’s used in a variety of common products. Alkalinity and acidity are being tested to find out if the water is acidic or not.

The TDS scale is a meter that tests the ph. Level of your water. Thus, alkaline water is on a scale from 7 to 14.


That will measure the concentration of hydrogen ions in compounds. Moreover, reverse osmosis water purification systems.

Have the same technologies that purify your water? Including commercial and industrial companies that use, a pure process.


Also will help with the digestive system. flushing out your entire system. Killing all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow.

And it’s great when you use alkaline water to cook all your meals.

Bathing in alkaline water keeps your skin smooth. And no need for lotion because your skin stays soft.


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