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Best Reverse Osmosis Purifiers


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A reverse osmosis system will produce pure good quality alkaline water for your and your family’s good health. And here is why. Because I found out that the city water treatment centers have been recycling city water and sending it right back to us to drink. Saying it’s drinkable now? Reverse osmosis purifiers are a technology that uses a filtration system. Which will remove all dissolved salts and inorganic molecules. The water runs under pressure through the membrane filtration system. And will remove all metals and containments from hard water.


Water purification filters

Will remove all inorganic minerals, biological environmental contaminants, and bacteria. The major purpose of water purification will provide you with pure good quality alkaline water. Water purification also meets the needs of other commercial and industrial companies. Restaurants hardly use reverse osmosis. So be careful where you eat at.

Reverse osmosis systems

Did you know that our city treatment centers have been recycling sewage water? Sending it right back into our pipes for us to drink. Saying it is safe for us to drink now? Now to me, that is still plain nasty. Who wants to drink recycled urine and stool. Tap water has been tested and contains e-Coli amongst other viruses. E-Coli is a toxin that comes from sewage water. Yes, it might be drinkable, but it is still not safe to drink even though they say it is. And this water comes through city pipes before it gets to our house or app. And these pipes are most likely 100 years old or more. Here is a shortlist of some contaminants and viruses tap water has. But there are more than 100 named biological environmental contaminants and dangerous chemicals that cause cancer.

Hepatitis C
Gastrointestinal Disease
Helicobacter pylori
Bone Disease


Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Iron, Zinc, Fluoride, Magnesium, and Calcium but not the kind you find in a banana or milk, and the list goes on.


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So, my best advice is please do not drink tap water because it contains over a hundred contaminants and it will probably taste like copper or rust as it did for me because it does contain several metals besides contaminants. If you drink alkaline water, then you will taste a big difference because it is pure and sweet. Old pipes have build-up calcium and magnesium in them. It would look like this picture of the pipe below.


And that was the pipe underneath the sink. imagine what the 100-year-old city pipelines look like. The pipe below was only replaced because it got all clogged up from built-up calcium and magnesium. They should have an ordinance as to when it would be a timely, and appropriate way to change these pipes. But because of inflation and prices going up, they develop new ways to save the company money.

Cleaning the water with chlorine only kills certain bacteria but does not remove the rest of the contaminants. They don’t use reverse osmosis because it’s too expensive for them to maintain the filters and rest of the membranes it requires for reverse osmosis systems to work.

Plastic Bottled Water

They say that the FDA has approved BPA in our plastic bottles and is safe to drink from. Otherwise, they would not have let them through the market, right? Wrong! All this seems like a plan to kill an overpopulated country. Most likely the whole world as well. CNN has already mentioned in the news that it is not a good idea to leave your bottled water in a hot car. The reason why is that plastic is made with an industrial chemical called BPA. Bisphenol-A.

BPA was considered safe by the FDA half a decade ago, but now recent research has found it to be very cancerous. Yes, it will cause cancer once it leaks into your water before you drink it. It will make you sick to your stomach. I have personally taken a picture in the summertime of a storefront with hundreds of cases outside in the hot sun!!! WOW, I said. Let me take this picture.

I was flagged down by a security guard who did not like me taking the pictures. This is what we are drinking folks we don’t know now where else these plastic bottles have been hanging out in the Sun. Soon as I started drinking alkaline water, I was feeling the difference and energized. Not only did it clean my system and flushed it out well. It also flushed out my kidneys. Alkaline water kills acidic cells. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow in, and this will eliminate cancer from ever getting started from the root of it all. That is why it is best to invest in a water purification system to ensure the safe drinking of pure good quality alkaline water for you and your family.

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The Benefits of Alkaline

Tony’s Water Purifying Systems


Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Reverse osmosis purification is a method that removes most contamination from recycled sewage water. That the city water treatment centers have been sending us to drink. Reverse osmosis will allow the “good” mineral particles to go through the water. “Removing” all the salts, sediments, and other contaminants. There are more than a hundred contaminants in our tap water. Thus this is why it is bad for your health. Thus, drinking contaminated water causes cancer along the way. Other contaminants’ will give you Gastric cancer, Gastrointestinal disease, and Helicobacter pylori.

Tractor spraying pesticides on vegetable field with sprayer at spring

A water purification system will remove all dissolved salts and organic molecules. The water goes under pressure through a membrane filtration system. Thus it will allow the water minerals and molecules to pass. But not the dissolved salts and contaminants.

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Water Purification Process

Water purification will reduce the concentration of bacteria. That will cause diseases, and viruses, such as Gastrointestinal disease. Hepatitis C. Gastric cancer, E-Coli, and the list go on. E-Coli is what comes from animal and human waste. And will cause you to get a gastrointestinal disease amongst other viruses. The standards for drinkable water are set by governments. By international standards. But that was decades ago.

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Contaminants and Metals

Here is a list of metals and contaminants found in tap water.





Magnesium, Arsenic. Calcium is all in an inorganic form. All these metals and contaminants are dangerous to our health. Our city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and sending it back to us to drink. And it goes through our underground pipes. Clogged up with calcium, and magnesium build-up. Tap water will contain some diseases and viruses. Like, Gastrointestinal disease, Anemia, Bone cancer risk, and E-Coli. Furthermore, E-coli comes from animal and human waste. With other contaminants like Legionella. Helicobacter pylori, Cryptosporidium, Fecal coliforms, and Hepatitis C. And the list goes on.

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Procedures such as boiling your water are not good enough. The water getting boiled will only multiply the metals that are already there. It Might kill some of the bacteria, but the dead particles will remain in your water. Those easy to screw on filters are not good enough to filter out contaminants. It only catches some rust, but not all metals and contaminants. Only water purification systems will remove all your contaminants.


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Farming Industry

When the farming agriculture industry started to grow its crops. There were a lot of insects and bugs eating them up. So they invented pesticides and herbicides. Thus, not only did it kill bugs but it is dangerous to our health. Again, we must test all water whether groundwater, steam, or rivers. These are reasons we should always test our water before we drink. So, we need to test whether groundwater or streams that are good for us. Farming agriculture has contaminated the groundwater with pesticides and herbicides.

To protect their crops from insects and bugs. And these chemicals have leaked into the ground. Thus contaminating the water. In addition, there is a global concern for this kind of problem. But there is a better solution. The solution would be to invest in a Reverse osmosis water purifying system. Not only will it flush your entire system and kidneys out. But will also kill any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow. Doctors also recommend alkaline water for human consumption.

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Is bottled water safe from BPA?

Thus, CNN news has already confirmed that BPA is dangerous for your health. Besides. Furthermore, BPA is a chemical compound that they use to make plastic hard. Thus, used for the inside protective layer as well. Besides, If you leave a bottle of water in your car when it is hot outside. It will overheat as well, Thus, leaking into your water, thus giving you cancer.

I have done tests before on bottled water and, the chemical test turns yellow. Thus letting you know that it is acidic. But alkaline water will turn blue or purple. And acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to live and grow. So, I also did a test on alkaline water. It turns blue or purple depending on the alkalinity. Be sure to enjoy the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Besides, It is nutritional and will flush out your kidneys and entire systems. 



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Reverse Osmosis Purifiers



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Using a reverse osmosis purifier will not only produce alkaline water. But In addition, will remove all chemicals and metals.  Not to mention 99% of contaminants. The water runs under pressure through a membrane filtration purifying system. That will allow only the water-good minerals, but, not the chemicals and metals it contains.

City water treatment centers are only treating water with Chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. And the water they are treating is sewage water. This will be cancerous to your health, because of the disease called E-coli. That will remain even after the chemicals are added. And remain in the water for human consumption. Water purification is also used for a variety of reasons. Like medical, pharmacological, chemical, and industrial applications. The method used includes the process of filtration systems that will remove all contaminants.

The city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water. Sending it right back through our pipes to drink. The reason why they do not use reverse osmosis systems is that it would be too expensive. And expensive to maintain the filtration process. So they rather save the company money. Without realizing that the water still contains hundreds of contaminants. Or they do but don’t give a hoot.

Is tap water safe to drink?

I’ve done a little research and studies on our water treatment centers. And I have found that tap water still contains over a hundred contaminants. Here are a few to the name of. First, some of the metals are.

Copper, Lead, Zinc, Aluminum, Iron, Arsenic, Magnesium, and Calcium, but not the kind you will find in milk or a banana. They are from an inorganic source of minerals that will cause cancer, not organic.

Bacteria, Viruses, and diseases like Hepatitis C. Gastrointestinal disease, Heliobacteria disease, and Parasites. E-Coli, Bone disease, And the list go on.

Why it is not a good idea to drink bottled water

Acidic water turns yellow when a chemical test is done. Like the test, I have done on plastic bottled water here below.

But when I do a test on Alkaline Water, it turns blue or purple. Alkaline water reaches a ph. level from 7 to 14 on the scale of alkalinity. So that being said, having your pure premium water without it being acidic be better than plastic bottled water? Would it not be saving you months of buying bottled water instead of having your own Water Purification System? Of course, it would, and think how much money you would save a month on bottled water. Owning your water purification system is the best way to purify your water.

Is BPA safe?

BPA is a chemical industrial compound that is used to make plastic harder and more durable, and back a few years ago BPA was considered safe by the FDA. But research has been done about BPA and found it to be cancerous. Why because if left in a hot car or place the BPA will leak into your water and cause cancer if you drink it.

I at one time saw at least a hundred overstock cases of water outside the store because they had no room for it inside. This was in front of the hot Sun. Imagine how many people are going to be sick to their stomachs more so when they get cancer drinking this water. So, who knows how long it takes for bottled water to be delivered from state to state without being refrigerated or kept in a cool place? Do I trust bottled water? No! If you must or have no choice and can’t afford a water purification system for you and your family. Please buy the plastic containers that say BPA free. This will be safer.



Alkaline water has a ph. level from 7 to 14 and is nutritional. And will flush out your kidneys and your entire system. killing any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow. 


Deepuro Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System RO Water Filter System
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those who are not able to afford the best. Then 5 stage purifiers are low enough. Lower than those sold by other companies who finance but cost you 2500 dollars for just a 4-stage water purifier which is too expensive. As an affiliate for eBay and Amazon, I do my best to provide you with the best affordable prices.




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