Our bodies are made up of 70% water, lungs 90%, blood 82%, and bones 25%. And it is important that we drink plenty of water. And when you drink alkaline water it will not only flush out your entire system and kidneys. But will also kill any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in.


contains several toxins and bacteria and here are a few named below.

Chlorine, Magnesium, Calcium, phosphate, iron, copper, lead aluminum, mercury, fluoride, arsenic, and the list go on. These minerals with chemicals are toxic and not in organic form. These toxins and chemicals are not in organic form like iron, zinc or calcium that you would get in a banana. They are inorganic and dangerous to your health. Tap water has been tested to have all these chemicals and toxins. The reason so many are being found is not only because of the chemicals. But it is basically sewer water they are cleaning up so that it could be drinkable according to government standards. 


When does the city replace underground pipes? In most countries, there is a city ordinance of a 3-year replacement. By the looks of this picture of an underground pipe being replaced will tell you how long. These pipes are probably a hundred or more years old. So that is why it is important not to drink from the faucet tap water. When you invest in a reverse osmosis water purifier it will not only flush out your system and kidneys. But will also remove all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in.

And the reason they are replacing it is because of so much buildup of calcium and magnesium that it made the manholes overflow. As you can see, they had to wait until something goes wrong before they fix or replace it. In this case, of course, it created an overflow of sewage to the surface of the city streets through manholes. That is why it’s not safe to drink tap water without it being filtered by a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification systems, or portable or Ro Water Purifiers.


The FDA had approved the compound called BPA to be added for hardening. But now recent research has been done and found it to be rather cancerous. CNN also announced on its news channel. That it is not a good idea to leave a bottle of water in a hot car. Drinking water from a plastic bottle after left in a hot car will give you cancer. Because the BPA will leach into your water and thus contaminating it.


(BPA), is a chemical compound that’s used to make polycarbonate plastic. epoxy and resins.  It possesses a balance of toughness and is suppose to be high heat resistant. Because of these attributes, it’s used in a variety of common products.

Alkalinity and acidity are chemically tested to find out if the water is acidic or not. The TDS scale is a meter that tests the ph. Level of your water. Alkaline water is on a scale from 7-14. That will measure the concentration of hydrogen ions in compounds.

Ro water purification systems have the same technologies used to purify water. For commercial and industrial use, a process that is pure and very nutritious. Helps with the digestive system. flushing out your system, and killing all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in. Great when you use alkaline water to cook all your meals with. Bathing in alkaline water keeps your skin smooth and no need for lotion because your skin stays soft.



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Water Purification Systems-Ro Systems



Reverse osmosis purifiers are a technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane. It will remove dissolved salts or organic molecules. The water runs under pressure through the membrane filter. It will allow the water molecules, but, not the dissolved salts, bacteria, and chemicals.

Our city water is only cleaning it with chemicals that are dangerous to our health. Because these chemicals remain in the water for human consumption. Water purification is also used for a variety of purposes. Like medical, pharmacological, chemical, and industrial applications. The methods used include and processes such as filtration, and sedimentation.


City water is only cleaned enough so that it can be drinkable as they say. But did you know this water is coming from the sewage pipes? They have been recycling what is toilet water. When I found this out, I had to tell the world about it. Now from the looks of this pipe down below. These are under the sink pipes being replaced. Could you imagine the way our city pipes are looking like and their probably a hundred or more years old. This is what calcium will do to our pipes. This is why it is not safe to drink water from your faucet. And since I found out that they were recycling sewer water and sending it right back to us after we done flushed down the toilet is insane. I would not touch it because it not safe. E-coli is found in the stool, amongst other diseases.

This is not good at all. Who wants to drink tap water after they found out it comes from the sewage? Like I said they only add chlorine and fluoride to so call clean it but it’s not enough to be drinkable because the chemicals remain in the water. That is nasty! I can see and understand why the astronauts must drink their filtered urine. But this is not the kind of water we need to drink. And the reason why the city does not buy water purification systems is that it is too expensive to buy and maintain the filtration system.


Tap water has been chemically tested to contain many, contaminants. Here are a few to name.







Copper, lead, arsenic, E-coli. And E-coli is what comes from sewer water.


Let me start by saying this. BPA, also known as Bis-phenol-A, is an industrial chemical compound. The BPA is being used to make plastic bottles and as the protective layer of the inside bottles and cans. This includes baby bottles. The chemical was, considered safe by the FDA since the 1940s. But recent research and studies have considered it dangerous. Because it will give you cancer. Well not right away but therefore it would give you cancer.

CNN news has already told us that it is not a good idea to drink water from a plastic bottle that has been, left in a hot car. They found out that the protective layer is not so protective after all. The BPA will leach into your water and will be cancerous to your health.

The standards for drinking good quality water, are set by the government, and by international standards. These standards usually include concentrations of contaminants. depending on the intended use of the water. But there’s that but again. This water is not safe or even drinkable because it will give you cancer because of the hundreds of contaminants it contains.

Simple procedures such as boiling water, or the use of carbon filters are not enough. When you boil water yes it will kill some of its contaminants. But the lead and metals will be multiplied. You are still drinking these metals and contaminants.

Even natural spring water is considered safe for all purposes in the 19th century but now it must be tested. That’s why I came up with the solution to our city water dirty water problems. Yes, I call it dirty water because it’s recycled sewage water, Yuk!


The solution is to invest in a reverse osmosis water purifier. This will produce the best quality alkaline water you ever drank. Water purification systems are the best thing you can invest in and I’ll tell you why. How many bottled water do you buy a month? Consider this. You can save that money by investing in a water purification system. It is easy to install underneath your sink. In fact, I have installed one in my home, and it is easy to install. You will receive a manual with easy instruction.

For an individual to remain in a healthy state, it is best for the body’s pH to remain at that level, or higher from 7 to 14 on the TDS scale. Alkaline water will always help maintain your Ph. level and will help in flushing out our system and kidneys. It will also kill any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in.


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